Antivirus & Malware Security

Protect Your Mac!

#1 Certified and Tested Antivirus App for Mac

Brilliant Features

High Performance

Multi-threaded Virus Scanner.

Automatic Updates

Seamless background updates.

24/7 Realtime Protection

Keep your Mac safe all day.

Easy to Use

BitMedic offers you 3 step protection to keep your Mac safe from attacks.

Full Mac Scan

Scan your Mac for threats

Custom Scan

Drag and drop file scanner

Health Monitor

Real-time Protection

1-Click Scan

BitMedic gives you two scanning options.

Quick Scan

For minimum protection, BitMedic will quickly and efficiently scan the most critical locations of your Mac. Quick scan is fast and can be used more frequently.

Deep Scan

For maximum protection, BitMedic will do a deep scan of your entire Mac to check every single file for potential threats. Deep scan will take longer and can be used less frequently.

Drag & Drop

Custom File Scanner - drag and drop any file, folder, or disk to scan for potential threats. BitMedic makes protecting your Mac easy and painless.

Always On

Realtime 24/7 protection for your Mac.

Health Monitor will watch your selected folders for changes to their contents. As soon as any contents are added, Health Monitor will scan them. If any file is infected,

Health Monitor will immediately alert you to guarantee or remove the threat. Health Monitor will give you 24/7 surveillance in your menu bar.

No folders to watch or watching has been stopped temporarily

Watching folders for new additions - scan not currently in progress

Actively scanning new additions to one or more of the watched folders

Updating virus definitions database

BitMedic has found an infected file

Designed Exclusively for Mac

Our products are built from the ground up.
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