Anti Virus For A Mac - Why Your Company Needs It

There is a familiar notion that anti virus for a Mac is unnecessary because they’re safe. While it is true that Macs aren't as simple as Windows machines to hack, it isn't undoable. The premise that your Macs are naturally safe from malware can prove to be costly if you are employing them in a business setting.

Companies normally have useful information or data that could be stolen or abused. Picture a scenario where sensitive e-mails, e-mail lists, or files are in the hands of a competitor. It could be a huge catastrophe. Although a Mac is pretty safe, users may be fooled into installing Trojans. From a security standpoint, users are the weakest aspect in any computing environment. Are you 100% certain that employees are not going to open a malware attachment or will not be fooled into installing something that could be a threat to the business? There's also the risk of deliberate sabotage with a disgruntled or dishonest worker. Having a Mac anti virus in place safeguards your organization from such accidental, conscious or careless user activities. Although the OS is safe, the same cannot be said about other applications on Macs. The Safari browser has an extremely lousy security standing due to a lot of known defects. Users can be fooled into downloading plug-ins for video players in the guise of a codec or for development to the player itself. Installing an antivirus for Mac will help remove these types of security risks that could negatively impact your company. If private information is stolen, you will be faced with fraud losses, non-compliance fines, broken consumer trust, and enormous reputational damage. Is this something you can return from?

The price of not installing an anti virus for a Mac can be high when you've got a great deal at stake. A virus attack can bring your network down for hours as well as days, undermine your company network or ruin your data. Secure your organization now with PocketBits LLC. Visit to find out more.