Anti Virus For Apple Mac - Why You Need An Antivirus

Some people would have you believe that Macs are immune to all computer viruses; unfortunately, this is far from the truth. There might be fewer viruses for Macs, but they aren't unheard of. That's why everyone needs to have an anti virus for Apple Mac. This guide will look at some of the worst viruses of all time affecting Mac computers.

Firstly, we have OpinionSpy, which was discovered in 2010 and is a concerning computer virus. This is installed accidentally through some websites. When a Mac is infected, it will record personal information, including bank account details, credit card numbers and chat messenger logs. A good antivirus for Mac will warn you when a website looks suspicious or is unsafe. Flashback was found in 2011 and exploited a vulnerability in the Java platform, which is probably the main reason Apple and Adobe fell out. This is installed because it looks like a Flash Update Installer, but it asks for your password. It then collects information that can be used to commit fraud and steal money. Some of the most irritating types of malware on Mac computers replace your search engine with something that looks just like Google. However, instead of returning useful results it just returns a page of ads. As well as computer viruses, there is a lot of bloatware for Mac computers. This is normally installed when users download files from the Internet and install without reading the dialog boxes. Mac computers are no longer immune to viruses. If you have a Mac computer connected to the Internet, running it without a reliable Mac anti virus in place is just asking for trouble.

With more people buying Mac computers and Apple devices, it's likely that the problem of computer viruses will get much worse. So, you need to install anti virus for Apple Mac as quickly as possible. PocketBits LCC have a great solution with ‘BitMedic’, which can be downloaded via the Mac App Store. Discover more by heading to our website