Anti Virus On A Mac - Why Your Business Needs It

There's a common belief that anti virus on a Mac is not necessary because it is a very secure system. It's true that Macs aren't as simple as Windows machines to jeopardize, but it isn't impossible. Assuming that your Macs are naturally safe from malware can prove costly when you are using them for business.

Companies normally have valuable info or data that might be stolen or wrongly used. Visualize a scenario wherever your sensitive emails, email address lists, records or designs end up being seen by a competitor. It can be a huge disaster. Although a Mac is pretty safe, users may be tricked into installing Trojans. From a security perspective, users will be the weakest components in almost any computing environment. Can you always be 100% certain your users are not going to open a malware attachment or will not be deceived into installing something unsafe? There is also the danger of intentional sabotage by a disgruntled or dishonest employee. Installing a Mac anti virus protects your company from such inadvertent, willful or careless actions. Although the OS is secure, exactly the same cannot be said about other commonly used applications on Macs. The Safari browser has a very poor security standing due to a lot of known flaws. Users also can be fooled into downloading plug-ins for video players in the guise of a codec or as an improvement to the player itself. Installing an antivirus for Mac will help remove the majority of the security hazards that could cripple your business. After all, if private data is stolen, you'll have to deal with fraud losses, non-compliance fines, broken consumer trust, and enormous reputational damage; something that you cannot return from easily.

The price of not installing an anti virus on a Mac is very high when you have a good deal at stake. A virus attack can bring your whole system down for hours or even days, compromise your company network or destroy your data. Secure your organization now to learn more about what we here at PocketBits LLC can offer.