Anti Virus On Mac – Why Your Business Needs It

There is a common belief that you don’t need an anti virus on Mac because it is very secure. It’s true that Macs are not as easy as Windows machines to hack, but it is not impossible. The assumption that your Macs are naturally safe from malware can prove costly when you are using them in a business environment or for business purposes.

Businesses usually have valuable information or data that can be stolen or misused. Imagine a situation where your sensitive emails, email lists, documents or designs end up with a competitor! It can be a big disaster. Although a Mac is reasonably secure, users can be tricked into installing Trojans. From a security point of view, users are the weakest elements in any computing environment. Can you be 100% sure that your users will not open a malware attachment or won’t be tricked into installing something dangerous? There is also the threat of deliberate sabotage by a disgruntled or dishonest employee. Installing a Mac anti virus will protect your business from such inadvertent, wilful or careless user actions. Although the OS is secure, the same cannot be said about other commonly used software on Macs. The Safari browser, for instance, has a very poor security reputation due to many known flaws. Users can also be tricked into downloading plug-ins for video players in the guise of a codec or as an enhancement to the player itself. Installing an antivirus for Mac will help eliminate most of these security threats, which can potentially cripple your business. After all, if personal data is stolen, you’ll be faced with fraud losses, non-compliance fines, broken consumer trust, and huge reputational damage. Is this something you could come back from?

The cost of not installing an anti virus on Mac can be very high when you have a lot at stake. A virus attack can bring your network down for hours or even days, compromise your business network or destroy your data. This is why you need to protect your business today to discover more about our antivirus product. With automatic updates and various scanning options, you can’t go wrong with what we, here at PocketBits LLC offer.