Anti Virus Software For Mac - What Does An Antivirus Do?

Nowadays, it is highly recommended that every Mac owner installs an antivirus program. Even then, some people don’t quite see the necessity. After all, Macs have always been well known for being highly secure. Thus, to understand why you need antivirus software, you must fully comprehend what an anti virus software for Mac does.

Each Mac antivirus differs slightly in what it does; yet there are general features that all software should boast. The first is malware protection. Each antivirus contains a database of all the known malware (i.e. viruses, worms, Trojans, bots, rootkits, etc.). This database is automatically updated every time you connect to the Internet. An antivirus protects your computer from malware by performing different types of scans e.g. fully system scans, boot-time scans, and removable media scans. In each scan, whenever malware is detected, it can be disabled or deleted and any affected files cleaned up. An antivirus also protects the computer against Internet-based threats. For starters, most Mac antivirus software contains a database of websites known for spreading malware. Also, each antivirus performs a basic website authentication to identify potential threats in any website you attempt to visit. When they detect a suspicious website, they automatically block access or at least warn you about the potential threat. Antivirus for Mac also protects your computer against email and download-based threats. They scan email attachments for malware. They also scan every file you want to download. In case they detect a potential threat, they can block the download. A Mac antivirus can also protect your computer against unauthorised access by hackers or spying agencies. The most common way it does this is by bolstering your system’s firewalls. This makes it harder for hackers to have remote access to your computer. Most antiviruses also make it possible to set up secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). A VPN can hide your IP address or mask it, and, therefore, make it seem like you are in another location. This makes it difficult for someone to monitor, track or spy on your online activities.

In a nutshell, an anti virus software for Mac enhances the overall security of your system. It does this by protecting you against malware, cyber threats, and potential intruders. The only thing you need now is quality antivirus software, and that is exactly what you have with BitMedic from PocketBits LCC. Discover more by heading to our website,