Antivirus For Apple Mac – Dangers Of Lacking Antivirus Protection

Macs have always had an image of being safer in comparison to PCs. Apple was once so assured of your Mac's security that it ran an ad campaign that said: "Macs do not get PC viruses". This created an impression that Mac users had no requirement for an antivirus for Apple Mac.

Most Mac users believe the OS' internal defenses are sufficient to safeguard them from dangers that greatly affect PC users. Should you harbor such beliefs, you might be sitting on a time bomb. With no Mac antivirus, you are exposing yourself to many dangers and among them is identity theft. Without an antivirus software, it is very possible to have your bank card details and login credentials for distinct online services snitched by hackers who quickly install Trojans or keyloggers on your system. At best, they're able to siphon off your cash. At worst, they are able to use such info to perpetrate criminal actions in your name (e.g. they can use your credit card to contribute funds to a terrorist group). It's possible for you to be investigated for crimes you did not perpetrate. Without antivirus protection, hackers can take over the system with Ransomware. This software locks you out of your Mac. Without an antivirus for Mac, your system is also exposed to attacks from viruses and worms. Worms would be the most dangerous simply because they are able to start deleting your data, including significant files and documents. Finally, your system can crash, and you will not have the ability to regain the data.

These are just the key dangers of lacking an antivirus program on your Mac. The thing you need now is a high quality antivirus for Apple Mac. That is just what PocketBits LLC can supply. You can download BitMedic antivirus software from the Mac App Store. Find more by visiting our website