Antivirus Software Macbook - Do I Really Need A Virus Scanner?

Apple used to market their computers as being free from PC viruses, however, they have since quietly dropped this claim. It's essential that you have antivirus software MacBook installed on your computer at all times. Without a virus scanner, you are leaving your PC wide open to a whole host of nasty viruses that could cause damage and leave your personal information vulnerable.

Mac users are often quite proud of the fact that they think Apple OS X is secure and cannot be infected by computer viruses. This, unfortunately, is not true. There may be far more viruses that can infect Windows-based computers, but there are plenty that can wreak havoc with a Mac. It's risky to assume that an Apple can't get infected. Whether you use your Mac for business or pleasure, it's vital that you install a good antivirus for Mac. Virus scanners will protect your computer in numerous ways. They can scan all of the files on your PC looking for anything suspicious and then help to remove the danger. Most of the better Mac antivirus software scanners also include a resident real time shield. This runs all the time you use your computer and will automatically scan new files. This is an important part of the protection of your PC since it takes much less time than scanning the whole hard drive. Every time you download a new file from the Internet, it will be scanned before allowing you to run it. Virus scanners should regularly be updated to ensure that they can detect and remove the latest viruses to keep your PC secure.

Even if you own an Apple Mac computer, you still need to invest in a reliable and trustworthy antivirus application. There are specialised antivirus software MacBook downloads available. One of the best is BitMedic from PocketBits LCC ( Our solution has a five-star rating on the Mac App Store and boasts outstanding features for you to take advantage of.