Risks Of Not Having An Apple Antivirus For Mac

Macs have always had a reputation for being more secure, at least when compared to PCs. In fact, Apple used to be so confident of its security that it once ran an ad campaign that said: “Macs don’t get PC viruses”. This created an impression that Mac users had no need for an Apple antivirus for Mac.

Unfortunately, most Mac users still have this belief. They think that the OS’ internal defences are enough to protect them from threats that plague PC users. If you harbour such beliefs, you are sitting on a time bomb. By having no Mac antivirus, you are exposing yourself to many risks. One of these risks is identity theft. Without an antivirus, you can easily have your credit card details and login credentials for different web services stolen. This is because hackers can easily install Trojans or keyloggers on your system. At best, they can siphon off your money. At worst, they can use such information to commit criminal acts in your name (e.g. they can use your credit card to donate funds to a terrorist group). You can find yourself being prosecuted for crimes you didn’t commit. Without having antivirus protection, hackers can take over your system and even blackmail you. They can also install a ransomware on your system. This software locks you out of your Mac. Without an antivirus for Mac, your system is vulnerable to attacks from viruses and worms. Worms are the most dangerous because they can begin deleting your data, including important files and documents. In the end, your system can crash, and you may not even be able to recover the data.

In a nutshell, those are the main risks of not having an antivirus on your Mac. The only thing you need now is a high-quality Apple antivirus for Mac. This is exactly what PocketBits LLC can provide. You can download our ‘BitMedic’ antivirus program from the Mac App Store. Discover more by heading to http://www.antivirusmacapp.com/.