Best Antivirus Software For Mac - Features To Look Out For

If you own a Mac, you probably love your computer, and for good reasons. Mac uses a secure operating system and if you have the best antivirus software for Mac protecting it, you can be assured of a safe and secure computing experience. Here are some features that you can expect in a top-notch Mac security product.

The best Mac antivirus products are easy to install and will give you online and email security while also detecting and preventing the installation or execution of malware on your computer. You can scan your Mac for malware either manually or schedule periodic scans. Files are also scanned whenever they are accessed. Your antivirus will stop you from downloading or saving malware from online sources. The best products are fast and can scan an average system in a few minutes. Most of them also have a quick scan feature, which scans only the most critical areas of the system like the memory, boot areas and OS folders. You should also be able to scan unencrypted archive files. or even skip large files or entire folders to save time. Malware files can be deleted or moved into quarantine automatically or with your consent. Email security will be robust with support for all the popular email clients like Apple Mail and Thunderbird. It will prevent spam from landing in your inbox and will warn you when a mail contains a dangerous attachment or is otherwise unsafe. Browser security is usually implemented with an extension that protects you against dangerous scripts and prevents you from visiting malicious sites. You can also block websites that track your browsing habits or be warned about them. A good antivirus for Mac will work even if your Mac has a modest configuration or an older version of the operating system. It will use minimal resources and will not slow down your system. You can also expect easy and quick virus definition updates. Leading products collect anonymous user behaviour feedback to make continuous product improvements.

The best antivirus software for Mac will allow you to work on your computer without worrying about security threats. This is exactly what ‘BitMedic’ from PocketBits LCC does. Our app ticks all of the boxes that have been mentioned, offering various scanning options and different security features. Find out more by heading to