Best Mac Antivirus - A Must For All Mac Users

These days a computer is the centre of most people’s work and social lives; it’s how we keep in touch with our friends and family, and how we conduct business. That’s why having the best Mac antivirus is a must for computer efficiency and health. At best, viruses slow your processing time to a crawl, which is frustrating, but at worst they can be down right dangerous by providing hackers with backdoors into your system. Personal and financial information has been compromised many a time this way. Having the right antivirus for Mac will keep you safe and efficient.

What Viruses Will The Best Mac Antivirus Software Deal With?

When asked to think about the viruses a computer may get, most people will instantly comment on the Trojan virus that has become common in the last few years. Certainly most software, even free software, will target and eliminate these, but the best antivirus software for a Mac will deal with many other kinds of infection. Malware is the term that is used to describe any type of dangerous software, and Trojans fall into this category. Trojans gain access to your system by appearing as useful, harmless software. However, there are other types of malware that need to be dealt with, and the best antivirus for Apple Mac will ensure they are. Examples include worms, viruses, spyware, rootkit, ransomware, bugs, bots and adware. Adware is extremely frustrating, as this is a type of malware that delivers advertisements automatically. Adware becomes even more dangerous when it is teamed with spyware, which is often the case. Spyware gives a hacker the ability to spy on your computer activity and steal your sensitive information. Worms are among the most common types of malware, and they can damage your computer, delete files, create botnets and steal data through exposing vulnerabilities in your operating system. A virus is a form of malware that can also steal information, and one of the most worrying things about it is the fact that it can copy itself and spread to other computers. This merely scratches the surface of the forms of malware out there and highlights why you need the best Mac antivirus software.

How To Avoid Infection With The Best Antivirus for Macs

Even the best antivirus for Macs will benefit from a little help on your end, and that’s why it is key to stick to some basic Internet security protocols. The first of these is covered already; always have antivirus protection. From there on, however, there are little things you can do to protect your computer and personal information independently. For example, your best Mac antivirus will certainly be helped along if you keep UAC’s enabled. UAC, otherwise called User Account Control, stops malicious software from making changes to your PC or laptop without your knowledge. Likewise, taking the time to ensure that your firewall is properly configured will also do a lot for your PC’s security. When you get pop-ups asking you whether a network you’re connecting to is public or private you should always take time to choose the correct option; selecting ‘home’ when you’re connecting to a café’s Wi-Fi, for example, may allow other users to access any shared files you have on your computer. It is also wise to keep your software updated, automatically if you can, because most important updates will contain fixes for any security issues that have been found in the operating system you are using, even if they are minor. There are other things you can do, of course, but if you keep these things in mind, your PC will be much harder for malware and malicious individuals to get in to.

PocketBits LCC Provides The Best Mac Antivirus

PocketBits LCC’s BitMedic program is widely considered one of the best Mac antivirus packages around. This is because of our three-pronged system that focuses not just on PC security, but also on providing comprehensive Internet protection and maintenance of your computer’s overall health. This best antivirus Mac offers real-time surveillance, meaning that it constantly monitors changes to your files for suspicious activity, as well as an easy 1-click system, which will scan all the key areas of your computer when you’re in a hurry. If you want to know more about our antivirus for Mac, visit our website at