Mac Antivirus Software – Is It Really Necessary?

Apple devices have a reputation for being near impossible to infect with malware and viruses. This reputation has led many people not to invest in Apple Mac antivirus software. Despite its well-founded resilient reputation, Apple Mac computers can fall foul of the privacy and security issues related to viruses, malware and hackers. The question then becomes whether an Apple Mac system is safe enough or needs antivirus products for full protection, and if so what is the best mac antivirus product to ensure the security of your Mac when it is connected to the Internet. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover all you need to know about antivirus for Mac.

The Key Benefits Of Anti Virus Software For Mac Systems

Despite having a well-founded reputation for resilience, particularly in comparison to Windows, Apple Mac computers are not completely immune to cyber attacks and security breaches. Believing so, and not investing in Mac anti virus software products leaves your Mac computer open to a wide range of potential security horrors. The belief that Mac computers are totally safe and immune to malware and viruses has come primarily from the fact that hackers, malware and viruses have focused on other platforms, essentially Windows PC systems and Android powered cell phones. This has led to a growing false sense of security. The harder something is to infect with malware, the more of a challenge it poses for cyber criminals. The same is true for those wishing to infect systems with viruses, or to steal business and personal information from Apple Mac PC systems. The challenge, though great, is not impossible, and hackers, thrive on the thrill of overcoming such challenges. One of the reasons that Apple Mac, and the OS X, is more difficult to target is that it is Unix-based and, therefore, has some well thought out security features built in. The features include executable code and data being stored in separate folders. However, both Google and Apple were severely affected in 2013, by a Trojan that broke through the companies’ defenses via Java software, a cross-platform piece of software beloved by malware creators. These types of attacks are exactly what anti virus software for Mac systems are designed to stop.

“Free To Download And Use” Antivirus Software For Apple Mac

Free is the price most people like for anything. However, as the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. When something has no obvious price tag attached, you usually end up paying for it in another way. Free downloads of antivirus for Mac and the OS X are no exception. One of the main problems with some of the free antivirus software downloads is that although they work, they often only provide minimal antivirus protection. One of the reasons for this is to encourage users to upgrade to the full version. In the meantime, your Apple Mac is left unprotected against certain threats, and you are unable to access features such as file quarantine. One of the most problematic areas with free software downloads is a lack of protection against spyware. This type of insidious program is often employed by commercial businesses. However, there are spyware programs that have much darker motives. This is why you are advised to pay for antivirus software for Apple Mac, as it will effectively protect you against these motives. In addition to this, when looking for the best Apple Mac antivirus software, you also need to carefully consider the company from whom you purchase the software. One of the key considerations is how the company treats your information. There is little point in protecting your Apple Mac from external threats such as malware, spyware and viruses, only to have your information mined by the supplier of the antivirus software. A reputable company will be clear about what information will be accessed and how this information is used. The main purpose of any information harvested from your computer is for feedback and error correcting.

Sourcing Reputable Mac Antivirus Software

Choosing a company that provides exceptional antivirus for Mac systems is not as difficult as it may first seem. PocketBits LLC provide antivirus software that is specifically designed for protecting Apple Mac computers from any security threat, including malware, spyware and viruses. Our Mac antivirus software, BitMedic, is available for download through the Mac App Store, and it enables users to experience real-time protection and choose between a full or custom scan of their Apple Mac. Discover more about what we can do to protect your Apple Mac from any security threat at