Macintosh Anti Virus: Choosing The Best Antivirus Software

With all the threats out there these days, you now know you must protect your OS/X with a good antivirus. But in a market choke-full of products, it can be difficult to settle on the right one. So what makes a solid Macintosh anti virus? Well, there are some features you ought to look out for.

One of the most crucial tasks a proper Mac anti virus should do is accurately and reliably detect all types of malware. Surfing the net is a bit like walking through a minefield. Every link you click on could potentially harbour a virus, Trojan or worm. And that’s why your antivirus should have a comprehensive and up-to-date database, which will detect malware before it has the chance to corrupt your computer. The next feature you should have your eye out for is the software’s ability to thoroughly scan your computer. Malware can be tricky. Once it finds a way into your system, it uses all manner of innovative means to stay hidden. So a good antivirus for Mac is one that can hunt for malware in every nook and cranny of the OS. It should also be able to scan files on demand and automatically schedule for routine system scans. Rounding it all off, is the firewall. Now, OS/X has one of the best ones you can find. But still, you can never be too careful. You ought to make sure that the security software’s firewall defends against both inbound and outbound interference. This will make it incredibly hard for a hacker to hijack your computer and use it for sketchy purposes.

One type of Macintosh anti virus that ticks all of the boxes that have been mentioned is BitMedic from PocketBits LCC. Our solution has a five-star rating on the Mac App Store. From 24/7 real-time protection to automatic updates, BitMedic offers a wide range of valuable features. Check out our website,, to find out more.